Anybody here ever try an HK VP70Z ?


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Nov 30, 2005
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I found one for sale and checked it out. It was in great condition and it seemed to be a fair price, I think. I tried to find some history on it but anything I came up with was pretty vague. I did find out that it was the first gun to have a polymer frame, not Glock. Another funny thing about it, there wasn't a slide lock on it at all which I thought was pretty strange.
Anyways, I did like the gun but I would like to hear some feedback about it if posible. Any info would be great.
It just seemed to fit so nice in my hand and would look so nice next to the P9S :)
Never tried one myself.

The VP70Z (VP for "Volkspistole", people's pistol; ´70 for the year of the first edition; Z for "Zivilversion", civilian version) is a 9mm, 18-round, double action, semiautomatic polymer frame pistol manufactured Heckler & Koch. It was the first polymer frame handgun. There was also a VP70M, the military version that came with a detachable shoulder stock/holster and was capable of three-round burst fire (cyclic rate of 2200rpm!). It was produced from 1970 to 1989, so the magazines are almost certainly pre-ban, and therefore Mass legal. Recoil and a heavy trigger were among its negatives.

But as Johnny Cocheran said, if the handgun fits, you must buy it.

they are cool... but the worst trigger i have ever seen.. very long and very hard. Makes my revolvers feel like a hair trigger.

As stated, they cant be fixed either. Thats why they sell for so cheap compared to other HKs
I have one and the trigger weights in at 15lbs (!). One thing about it - you have to be meaning to pull the trigger if it goes off. has just about all the parts for them.
So would you pay $370.00 for one in really nice shape? 2 Hi-cap clips,original box. I must say that I LOVE the front sight! It uses a shawdow rail that seems to line up quickly, that being said I never did get to shoot it. It just seemed really nice. Dammit now I'm thinking about it again [oops]
That's a great price (around here anyway - I gave $600 for my last one, but it was like new in box, even had the factory test target in it).
Try the trigger first, seriously, it's not for everyone.
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