Andover / N. Andover Licensing?

Feb 18, 2006
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Just wondering if anyone knows how andover and north andover treat applications for class A and class A ALP licenses. Couldn't find any information on or

I'd appreciate any replies or PM's. Thanks.
Andover and No. Andover aren't exactly gun friendly. Both require a letter from your doctor stating that as far as he/she knows, you are mentally capable of being a gun owner at this time. (Trust me, a lot of PCP's DO NOT want to write such a letter) From what the Andover COP has said, if your doctor doesn't want to write said letter, it will not be held against you. (The doc's complained a few years back that they weren't head docs and didn't like having to do this)

Both have issued Class A ALP's, but it isn't the rule of thumb. Most likely you will get a restricted A, or a B. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme of reason to their issuance. Some of our students have gotten the Class A ALP, but some have also gotten restricted A's.

Good luck with it Sleepy.
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