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Ammo at Dick's and Walmart


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Oct 19, 2005
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In the flier with today's Globe Dick's has the following specials,

UMC .45ACP or .40 S&W $9.98 for 50
UMC .380 Auto or .38 Special $7.98 for 50
UMC 9mm $5.98 for 50
.22 Thunderbolts $7.98 for 500

They also have case lot prices on various shot shells.

The 9mm seems like the only real bargain to me.

From what I've read here, Walmart does better on average, but I'm still not sure which ones in Southeastern Mass still carry Ammo. Anyone know about the Raynham Walmart?

Dick's Sporting Good

There is a coupon out for buy one box, get one box half off this week. Makes the deal somewhat better..

They had a coupon listed on Weds. on the site. I just checked and didn't see it listed today. It might have been a one day sale.
I bought the 9mm stuff back before Xmas but haven't had a chance to fire it. I was down there Saturday and it doesn't appear that they have restocked since they still didn't have any .38 target/range ammo.

Jack up the price and have a "sale".

'scuse me, I mis-posted. [thinking] Never mind.

Move along now nothing to see here. [rolleyes]
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I won't buy from Dick's again, too mant let downs. For one the prices weren't that good, and two, the Taunton Galleria one lost their FFL so they couldn't sell anything. This is back when they had the buy 1 get one 1/2 off sale a while back.
Even the sheet metal safes were pricey. I looked at one when they finally got some in that was almost $100 and passed. A drive over to the Raynham Wal Mart and I picked up a nice heavy duty sheet metal Sentinel with 6 in the back and 2 on each side 10 rifle layout pattern for $70. Its now my Mosin safe.[wink]
Say what you want about Wal Mart and their corporate crap. They might not have the selection Dicks does, but they do beat the New England department stores in prices.
Now if we had a Dunhams or Big 5 up this way, that'd be a diferent story... they carry milsurps.[smile]
I've had good luck at the Dick's in Brockton.

Got a 24 gun Fire safe for $500 and a case of UMC 9MM for $59.

I've been happy with their service thuse far [wink]
Went to Dick's in Plymouth today to pick up some buck shot, they had a half off the second box of ammo deal going, with coupon. God I hate coupons. At 11:15 Friday mourning, the Friday before the opening of shotgun season, they didn't have any buckshot, not one box. Plus none will be showing up before Monday. Talk about dropping the ball.
I can't complain about Dick's - I hit the one in Newington (NH) this morning as part of my Black Friday shopping (if I had to drag ass out of bed at 4 frickin' thirty, I was gettin' ammo).

They had a big ol' box of 200 .38 special reloads for $33. Plus buy one get one half off. Then I got four boxes of Remington hunting .357 Magnum for $11.40 for the full-price and $5.70 for the half-off... Oh, and they took the $10 off coupon, too...
I don't mind either store. Though the Walmart near here never has a decent selection of pistol or rifle ammo. Though they do stock shotgun shells pretty regularly. Also the sporting goods manager is Anti-gun. Ask me how I know. Dicks just opened up a store in Pittsfield, the store is well stocked unlike some other Dicks I have been to in the past. The Lodge section has a large selection of firearms, and ammo. I did buy some .45ACP when they first open since they had a grand opening flyer in the local newspaper with additional discounts.
Spent a load of cash at various times over at the Dick's in Millbury. Good people. Looks like they just raised their prices on two of my favourite calibers. By the case, 9mm Remington UMC is $6.98 per box and .45ACP went up to $11.98 per box. Roughly a 20% price hike.
Walmart still sells CCI Blazer Brass for $10/box for .45s. Just over $6 for 9mm. $12/box for .45 doesn't seem like a good deal to me.
You got that right. When it was 9.98 a box by the case and Dick's gave you a discount coupon, it was a bargain. What Wal Mart do you go to? I'll try Bellingham and the one up on Rt. 9 is Westboro. Thanks very much for the info.
bodybags- I'm lucky to live close to NH/ME as most Walmarts don't carry Ammo in eastern MA at all. Most NH/ME store still carry ammo. Only thing is they don't stock too much on their shelves.
Yeah, they are not too loaded up down here either. It's a chore to get 1000 rounds or more of 9mm out of them at any time. Of course, everybody else on this board if probably there first which is why there's little or nothing left for me. LOL By the way, have you been to Reilly's in Hookset lately? Some of my friends were up there recently and said the ammo prices were very high. I can't verify this though.
The Wal-Mart out in Gardner is OK but they only put out one or two boxes of pistol calibers at a time. This means I have to stop in every couple of days when I'm trying to stock up. The saleslady followed me in to the counter yesterday. I guess they're getting to know me.
By the way, have you been to Reilly's in Hookset lately? Some of my friends were up there recently and said the ammo prices were very high. I can't verify this though.

I think they are high. I've been up there recently. Not so much higher than most local gun shops but high IMO.
I was at the Walmart in Raynham last week to buy some Ammo and noticed that the long gun cases were gone. I talked to the guy in sporting goods and he told me that they weren't selling long guns any longer. This guy was in his 40s and it seemed like he had been with the company for a while. He told me that this was a corporate decision, not a local one.

He had an interesting take on the whole thing. He said that since the family no longer owned the company all decisions were based on sales. Management doesn't understand that to men, the guns were a draw even if they weren't going to buy one that day. He felt that having them in the store increased sales of ammunition, targets, and other accessories.

I expect that ammunition will soon follow in all but the high sales volume stores.

Makes sense. By the way, did you happen to nice the ammo prices over there? Dick's Sporting Good's raised their prices immensely. I think the Remington 9mm is now something like $8.98 per box purchasing it in a case lot (10). Ammo's going up.
One of the guys at R&R out here in western mass told me that Wally World is going to stop selling ammo and guns in all mass stores. Don't know how true that is but as of right now the one in Ware no longer does and the one in Sturbridge "does not have it's license" as I was told by the guy behind the counter this past Saturday.
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