A Gift to the Gun Industry

May 1, 2005
Somerville, MA
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Thought that this article was interesting. Kind of ridiculous that we live in such a litigious society that protection like this is even necessary, but I'm DAMN thankful that the gun industry was granted this protection nevertheless.


What I think is strange is that person A should be held accountable for something that person B does just because A sold the "weapon" to B. So if I sell my car, and then six months later the person who bought my car runs down a kid playing in the street and that kid dies (yes it's terrible but it could happen) am I then open to being sued because I sold the car? How can people make that leap... F*ing politics, ugh...
It was just their attempt to make it impossible for gun makes to sell firearms in the U.S. Nothing more, nothing less.
Interesting last paragraph:
"Civil justice reform measures should make the rules of litigation fairer and more rational. This bill, which would create a unique exemption for gunmakers and dealers from the normal rules of liability, does just the opposite."

Bitching about fairness and rational rules. That's all we've ever wanted when it comes to the 2nd!!!
Just seems to me that you should be able to sue anyone you want.

It also seems to me that if you are not successful in your suit, you must cover the legal expenses and lost time for the person/company you sue. A simple end to frivolity in lawsuits. Something that any Attorney's Group would fight against tooth and nail as they have a good situation now.

All these lawsuits put food on their tables right or wrong. They are tenaciously keeping the present system in place as the gun rights people are tenaciously trying to perserve our interests. We have to be as tenacious as them to reform it. Too bad all our lawmakers are Attorneys
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