Who Dat?


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Apr 29, 2005
Western Mass
It was a long and tense flight into Germany during a WWII bombing run. German fighters were expected to be numerous and everyone expected a difficult day. Fear was running rampant.

Suddenly someone broke radio silence.

"Who Dat?"

A few moments later another voice was heard.

"Who dat say 'Who Dat'?"

Shortly after this another voice was heard.

"Who dat say'Who dat say 'Who Dat''?"


"Who dat say 'Who dat say'Who dat say 'Who Dat'''?"

Followed by,

"Who dat say "Who dat say 'Who dat say'Who dat say 'Who Dat''?"

Suddenly a loud booming voice rang out in everyone's earphones,

"AWRIGHT you wiseacres, this is the Wing Commander. Everyone knock it off now! You were briefed on maintaining radio silence and discipline and the next comic who speaks is gonna get an Article 15 and be grounded! Do you hear me? KNOCK IT OFF NOW!"

There was silence for about a minute until someone spoke up,

"Who DAT???"
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