When the $70 alignment rod saved me a huge headache.

Jan 8, 2013
Sudbury, MA Surrounded by snowflakes.
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Spent over a year waiting for my Dead Air Nomad-30 to get out of jail. During that time i put a keymo flash hider on and had one of the most annoy experiences of my life trying to get that mother shimmed just right to fall within the needed torque range and be clocked correctly. I am not sure why i got the alignment rod, there was nothing obvious or funny looking, but it just felt like the right thing to do.

Well sure enough, i would have likely blown out the end cap, or worse:
1667066355753.png 1667066384573.png

Its a PWS upper, they are not know for offcenter machining and the keymo flash suppressor made by forward controls is also known to be great quality. I therfore first blamed those MF shims. Sure enough when i pulled them off, one looks like it squished out on one side. I started over with the accuwasher system. It looks a lot better now. Highly recommend the accuwashers and checking your work with a rod.
(Only difference in these two is the camera angle, but the rod appear perfectly centered in person)

1667066591011.png 1667066619923.png
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