question on a form error


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Oct 19, 2020
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My buddy finally submitted his first form1, after dropping off the copy for the CLEO the chief called him and said "you put my first name as Jay, but it's Roy...I don't care, but the ATF might..."

is there a way to correct the eform before he mails in his prints or should he just risk it and send her in?
More than likely disapproved given that the CLEO info is incorrect. With the AFT, you never know. They’re people who screw things up too. Depends on the examiner, the day of the week, and the mood they’re in.
Send it in. The FFF (firearms firearms firearms because they don’t do shit about Alchohol and tobacco) will let you know if it’s a problem. You can fix clerical errors like this via email with them.
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