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What's going on with Hanson R&G?

Mar 4, 2006
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I was reading the MG day thread and checked the website for Hanson R&G for more info and read the following...

"Legal Defense Fund

A good neighbor, as well as a proud and responsible member of the community for decades, Hanson Rod and Gun Club has a long history of actively promoting conservation, safety, police training, and various charities, such as Toy drives for needy children, the Shriner's Burn Center for Children in Boston, and more.

Despite our best efforts, we find ourselves to be the unwarranted target of newcomers to the community who seek to affect our ability to serve our members and the community.

Please help us in our efforts to defend the club by sending your contribution, no matter how large or small, to:

Hanson Rod and Gun Club
Attention: Legal Defense Fund
Davis Road
Hanson, MA 02341"


Anyone know what this is about?

Are newcomer neighbors trying to shut them down or restrict their operation?

I thought MA had a range protection law to prevent these kind of things?
Never been to Hanson R&G and know nothing specific about their club or "community relations", but I have been somewhat involved in town issues at 3 different gun clubs over the years.

Towns (Selectmen & Town Meeting) don't give a damn about the state law protecting gun clubs (only protects re noise pollution anyway). They pass by-laws, regulations, etc. to restrict/prohibit ad nauseum when some antis come marching in their meeting with complaints.

Clubs frequently give in to pressure and put their own restrictions in place in the hopes of placating the antis! Doesn't work, but they try in good faith. [Fighting legal battles, even if you win (not a sure thing), gets very expensive.]


- Many clubs restrict/prohibit shooting on Sunday mornings before Noon or later.
- Some clubs restrict/prohibit shooting on holidays or before a certain Noon or later hour on a holiday.
- Most clubs seem to prohibit night shooting. Sometimes even if it is the PD doing it for training purposes in the early evening. Many PDs have dropped night shooting due to the complaints.

Independant sportsmen's in Wrentham has hour restrictions for those reasons.
Boy, it sure is a good thing that police officers never use their guns at night.

Anybody know a good spot to shoot outside at night? I want to try out my NVGs and hear steel plates make nice sparks. Any truth to this rumor? Obviously anyone taking me to such a place will get to try out my stuff too.

That text has been up on the hanson site for a while and I remember somebody writing on here not to worry about any specific problems at the moment.
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