TWO Hard Rock Cafe/Casino Guitars For Sale


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Jul 5, 2011
I know nothing about guitars.

Two Hard Rock Cafe/Casino Guitars For Sale. Both are brand new, and come in never opened boxes. I believe one is electronic, and the second is acoustic (non-electronic). I don't know the exact color scheme, or exactly what they have printed on them... but something related to HARD ROCK Cafe or HARD ROCK Bar.

I believe a similar listing can be found at the following website. But the color and options may not be exactly the same. And as mentioned, I think one of mine is electric, and one is not. So at best, one is very much the same, and the other is going to be quite different: Fender Squier Stratocaster Guitar

Enclosed are photos of the boxes and tags that are on them. The photos are name FENDER_ONE and FENDER_TWO, followed by a photo number. So you can try to determine which is which and what is what?

These seem to retail for $250 in the Hardrock Gift Shop in Atlantic City. That is where they were originally purchased. Another site is selling these for $209.95 plus $18.99 shipping. (Hard Rock Fender Squier Stratocaster Guitar on sale at

I am willing to sell them for $150 each. Or both for only $250! Cash only, non-negotiable price. However, if you can prove that the same item is available some other way for less somewhere, I would be willing to change my price. I just think this is already a great price and I doubt you can find better. I am trying to offer a very fair price.

A person with money in hand can open the sealed box they are interested in, to inspect the contents prior to purchase. But post purchase, there are no returns or exchanges.

Items are near Brighton, MA, we could meet in a public place. Makes a great gift for someone that knows about guitars. And at this great price, even for someone that wants to learn to play.


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