Thanks random emailer...cant wait to make my own silencer now

I'm pretty sure making your own silencer is illegal af unless you do the right paperwork and pay the right fees.

Now making a muffler for your generator is another thing entirely.
Did you muffle your generator?

The one time i ran it for a few days was loud as hell.

If i lose power more frequently i would want to do this lol.
Whats a fleshlight?

You have a lot of catching up to do…

We have god knows how many years of inside jokes, Glock threads, can I threads etc.

No way to explain .001 percent of them.

Just don’t buy an overpriced noveske lower.
I hear you can now buy a special kit that can be used to convert used Fleshlights into silencers. Reptile is going to make a killing!


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