Slavko, S57DX is a SK :(

His brother S51DX posted the announcement on QRZ. What an icon. He wasn't my first DX contact but very close to it.


25 QSOs logged and he confirmed none on LotW.... last one was 2013.
Have 9 QSOs with his brother S51DX where 5 of those were confirmed - LotW
His QRZ says he doesn't use LotW, QRZ, etc. I just checked my QRZ log and came up with 0. I guess I had all of my contacts with him before I started using logging software. I found at least a few in my paper log, but didn't look too far. I know I've listened to him work pileups many times

The thing I like about my paper logs is I'd write down as much info as I could while I was trying to get through a pileup. So I have a lot of contacts in there that never happened. No time recorded is how I know I didn't make contact. So I can see when I tried to work people, and he shows up a few times.

Honestly I don't try and work those big guys often. I'm sure some people do everyday. I just do it once in a while.

50 years of hammering the airwaves. It's amazing to think of how many people he's spoken to, and how many people would know exactly who you mean when you said you worked Slavko.
RIP Slavko...

Last time I worked him was 09/01/2021 on 20 meters but many many timers before that. Always had a booming signal and was always willing to chat a bit.
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