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Jan 16, 2006
new hampshire for now
I had to replace some parts on my dillon 650, i hate allen wrenches,

seems it takes foever to loosen and remove a bolt.

sockets with allen wrench ends are available, simply attach to a socket

handle and it makes it a breeze, in some cases you might only need

the socket itself, be very careful when re-installing the bolts do not over

tourque them...

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Dec 24, 2006
I have been using Dillon products (300, 450, 550, and 1050) for quite some time and have never resorted to socket mounted hex wrenches. Any advantage gained with the ratchet and extension will be offset by the size of this tool, it simply will not fit into some areas.

Conventional allen wrenches will become easier to use with experience, and there is another option. Ball end allen wrenches are easier to use because they will work at an angle rather than straight in like the conventional allen wrench. My favorite tool for this use is a ball end allen wrench with a plastic handle which resembles a screw driver. This tool makes working with allen screws a lot easier; the only draw back is that you don't get as much leverage as you do with a conventional allen wrench. I use this tool for 90% of work on my presses, resorting to the conventional allen wrench only when I need more torque.
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