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Feb 25, 2005
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I figured I start a thread for everyone to put their Military experience in.

United States Marine Corps (Active) 1992-1996
8531 Primary Marksmanship Instructor (San Diego, CA)
USMC Shooting Team 95-96 (Quantico, VA)

Army (Reserve) 1997-2002
14M Stinger Gunner (Minneapolis, MN)
11B Grunt (Worcester, MA)
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Thanks. Coming from a jar head I appreciate that. My father in-law was [ex] Former-Marine so he broke me in to you guys.

Fixed it for you. Derek :D
I thought about it after I typed it but figured I leave it. :D I know there is no such thing as an ex Marine. Your always a Marine. At least I capitalized Marine! :D
Ft Benning OSUT 1991
A Co 3-12 IN (M) 1992-1994
C Co 1-181 IN (L) 1994-2004
-Bosnia SFOR10 2001-2002

just got a letter from the Guard the other day,

$15,000.00 would go a long way......
Regular Army 1981-85 33S10/33Q10 2 years in Berlin spying on commies.
(the good old days )

Mass ARNG try 1 -12B10 back in 88-89 I think.

Would go back ARNG if I wasn't broken of body.
(fused L5S1 and lots of other problems.)
Basic:Fort Sill 1/79 Delta Battery, AIT:Fort Lee,VA

1998-1999, B 1/172nd MTN INF, MOS 92Y - Supply Specialist/Armorer (ARNG)

1999-2002: 1st Armored Division, 1BDE, 1/501st, Unit Armorer for entirety (Active Duty)

May 2000-December 2000, TFF 2A, Kosovo

February 2003-Present - US Coast Guard, Maritime Safety and Security Team 91110

December 2003-March2004 - JTF GTMO Cuba, MSST 91110
1982-1983 - VTARNG - 31P (Flight Ops)

1983-1986 - 11B @Ft. Polk, LA (Yeah all 3 years...)

1987-2000 - VTARNG - 35E (Communications repairer)

Combat tours - 1991 GW I
Military Bubbas

A Co.,187th INF/1988-1993 USAR
11th SFG/1993-1996 USAR
B Co.,104th INF(L) MANG/1996-2000
A Co.,104th INF(L) MANG/2000-2002
Bosnia SFOR-10/September 2001-March2002
Operation Noble Eagle/January 2003-December 2004
B Co.,104th INF(L)/ Present

Infantry School/Ft.Benning 1989
Air Assault School/Ft.McCoy 1990
Light Leader School/Camp Edwards 1997
hey rwl, remember Col Marshal, the "ground forces commander"?


He left his hat in my hummer on a WSS inspection.

What a dickhead.
Are those the new NVG's ? in your pic .

Ft.Sill osut 95
Airborne / Ft Benning 96 DELTA ROCK
Airborne Mafia 82 1-319 AFAR 96-99


1 trip to the holy land of JRTC
Misc. other exciting things
Seems as good as any other place here for the first post;

US Army 1984 - 1992

1984 Basic/AIT, 3rd Cannon Training BN, Ft. Sill, OK. MOS 13B
Nuclear Cannon Assembly Course

1985-87 B,5th BN 41st FA, 194th Armored Brigade, Ft. Knox, KY.
B,1st BN 77th FA, 194th Armored Brigade, Ft. Knox, KY.

1987-88 AIT, APG, MD. MOS 45G

1988-90 D, 704th MSB, 4th ID, Ft. Carson, CO.

1990-92 B, 47th FSB, 1st AD, Ferris Bks. FRG
Desert Shield, Desert Storm

1992-92 B, 203rd FSB, 3rd ID, Ferris Bks. FRG

Dec 1992 ETS
USMC 1964-1970 (i.e., back when I was young, immortal and unbelievably dumb)
0311 / 8654 (in case you still don't believe the "dumb" part)

KMaurer said:
USMC 1964-1970 (i.e., back when I was young, immortal and unbelievably dumb)
0311 / 8654 (in case you still don't believe the "dumb" part)


Sweet! More Leather Necks. :D
Welcome Ken, I hope you find this place both enjoyable and educational. Please share you knowledge with all.

And thanks for your service!! The sacrifices that all our service men and women made/make is greatly appreciated!

I can also tell all that Ken is a real knowledgeable and nice guy and will be a great asset to our forums. I've known Ken for a long time!
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