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Sent my Sig in for Sig Service Plan rebuild


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Oct 14, 2009
New Hampshire
It came back today, took less than 2 weeks. It's a West German Sig 228 from 1990 that I wanted to have upgraded with night sights to match my 239. I figure it's probably due for springs as well after 24 years.

Came back in a plastic bag all full of oil, I'll probably take it apart and clean the oil up.


They also sent back the original sights and the springs they replaced. Not sure what I'll do with them other than throw them in the box and never use them.


And then I noticed on the paperwork that they replaced extractor, the sear, and the firing pin as well. I didn't pay any extra for this, I wonder why they were replaced? Worn? I dunno...


Just a note, I told them I lived in NH and asked if I could drop off and pick up to save on shipping and they said No and then cut the shipping cost in half.
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