Reloading molds and sizers find, what do I have?

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Aug 8, 2008
Central MA, Worcester area
Posted on cast boolits but I would like tohave somone that actually knows this stuff take a look at some of it.

I was just given a bunch of casting gear from a friend whose relative no longer uses it. I am not sure of the value of any of it as most of it seems to be pretty old.

I have found so far:
Lyman 45 lube sizer set up in 357 - seems to have a solid top cap (far left in pic)
Lyman lube sizer set up in 308 - has a vented, cast top cap (middle)
RCBS LAM2 set up in 45 (left)


Also included
Single hole Ideal mold that has "311 299" on one line and "144" on the bottom line with handle
Double Ideal "358 311" "220" bottom line. Appears to be a 38spl/357 mag single lube groove with crimp groove, round nose bullet Has handle on the mold
Lyman 358156 Appears to be a 357/38spl SWC with two crimp grooves. Still has two cast bullets in it, uncut at the sprue. Has handle
Lee 90487 HP .429 SWC 240gr single cavity. looks like it is set up for a gas check
Lee 90436 45 TL 230gr RN double cavity.
Lee 90338 .429 SWC 240gr double cavity. looks like it is set up for a gas check
Lee 90345 .429 RN 214gr double cavity.
Lee 90336 .429 SWC 214gr double cavity

Loose molds
Lyman 314299BV
Lyman 268645BV
Ideal "311 41" second line "168" single cavity
Ideal "429" second line "172" round ball single cavity
Lyman 323470BW
Lyman 280642AV - this mold has a slight bit of surface rust on the outside, just a coloring as it wasnt stored in a Lyman box, looks totally superificial and not in the mold itself.

Lyman tru line junior press with 38/357 dies

Any idea on value?
Anyone around central MA, or goes to Harvard SC that can take a look? I could take better pics of the molds as well but I didnt know if a pic would tell a lot about the mold.

I want to be fair with the guy and pay him but I also dont want to overpay, especially as it looks like some of this stuff I would never use. Hoping the Ideal 311 mold could be used for 7.7 Arisaka as I want to start reloading for that caliber rather than pay $25 a box for ammo.


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Sep 22, 2005
I would pay 300 for the whole shebang if you're concerned with fairness. Lyman & rcbs top punches and sizers interchange. Keep the rcbs lubamatic and liquidate the lymans on eBay for 65 each.
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Dec 28, 2008
Given how much casting stuff is going for on eBay nowadays thats a generous gift. Nice score! Just as sieveboy said, You've got at least $300.00 worth of stuff there easily.

Generally speaking for value, this is what the stuff generally goes for on eBay, if you sold it here or on casttboolits it would be more towards the lower end of the scale. Most experienced casters don't shell out allot for the factory one and two cavity molds, the money is usually better spent getting the custom group buy molds offered on the castboolits forum.

Lyman 45s $45 - $65
LAM II $100 - $125.00
Lube & Size dies ~$15 each
Lee single and double cavity molds ~$10 or whatever you can get for them. (Actually, I read a while back that if you send the single cavities back to Lee they'll send you an equivalent double for the shipping cost.)
Lyman two cavity mold with handle $40 - $60
Lyman Ideal single / two cavity no handles $30 - $40
Lyman Tru-Line Jr. press with 38/357 dies $60 -$100 depending on linkage type (simple or compound) condition, accessories, box, instructions, etc. Even saw one go for $200 last week.

Since you want to be fair, and if he gave all of it to you and wasn't truly expecting anything in return then I'd say if you gave him $200 and a case of his favorite cold frosty adult beverage then you would be putting a smile on his face and making sure your karma was properly proportioned in the universe's eyes. [smile]

I have and use both a Lyman 45 Lube Sizer and a Tru-Line Jr. Press.

I just lubed and sized a couple thousand bullets on Saturday with the 45 and its a fine old lube sizer. I know the LAM II is stronger, has more leverage, and a lifetime warranty so some people prefer them but, that old 45 does real nicely for me. I've got it bolted to an old Midway heater and I use the RCBS dies with it. I prefer the RCBS dies to the Lyman as the RCBS have a single set of holes. They are easier to adjust and less messy than Lyman's multiple sets of holes. I've also replaced the pressure plunger with the newer O ring style used in the 450/4500, for the $8 cost it is a worthwhile upgrade.

Since you've got both, I'd say try one of those 45s out, you might like it better than the LAM II. Honestly though, when it comes to lube sizers there really isn't any difference between the Lyman 45/450/4500 and the RCBS LAM\LAM II. They all basically work the same, require the same steps and take the same effort. There really isn't any improvement in productivity and speed until you get into Star Lube Sizers and those are a whole different price range as well.

The Tru-Line Jr. Press is a nice compact and capable press for the most part, not the strongest by far but, for a compact and handy turret press they are nice. The short answer probably is that its worth more as a collector's item than an everyday use reloading press.

You've got to really want to have and use one, being antiques they generally aren't as easy to live with as a modern press. They require the "J Style" shell holders or an adapter to accept snap in style shell holders. It doesn't use modern day standard 7/8"x14 dies, it uses the same 5/8"x30 dies that the Lyman 310 Hand Tool uses, that means steel dies only, no carbide. The simple linkage model (early) will only neck size most brass, the compound linkage (late) model will full length size any straight walled pistol brass and most bottleneck rifle with the proper dies. Priming on the press is slow and you hadle each primer. De-priming is messy as there is nothing to catch old primers they just go flying where ever.

The Tru-Line Jr. I use is a compound linkage model along with a custom turret that accepts 7/"x14 dies, and a container I made to catch spent primers. I use it to load .45 Colt and it doesn't require any more Ooomph to get the job done than the Lyman T-Mag I have does. There used to be a guy that sold the 7/8"x14 turrets on eBay and Gunbroker but after several years he quit making them and now when they do come up they go for more than you can get a new cast iron single stage press for.
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