Dec 30, 2005
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I live in MA and I have an FID card. A close relative of mine is getting a place and a job in Vermont soon (and as we all know, vermont has the most leanient gun laws around the north. Possible to most). Will a gun store owner sell me handguns/high capacity rifles as long as I show him ID even though I am not a state resident? I know I could not bring them back to MA but as I would be visiting my relative often I would intend to keep them at his house.

I know I could buy low capacity rifles and bring them back and register them but that sort off defeats the purpose.
AFAIK you must be a resident of the state you plan to purchase a handgun from, or the gun must be shipped to an FFL in your state.
A Vt dealer told me I could buy a handgun gun but he'd have to ship it to a Ma FFl. then I could pick it up there and bring it back to VT.

Screwy isn't it?

I was told long guns are fair game. Buy them wherever you want?

Nickle - pipe in please.
Fed Law requires all FFLs to abide by their own state laws AND the state laws in the buyer's state!!

Thus, the VT FFL should ask for LTC (ONLY) for handguns . . . no LTC, he shouldn't ship to MA FFL! Also MA FFL can't Transfer any handgun not on the MA EOPS List and AG compliant, which rules most everything out.

Showing the VT FFL you FID, means that legally he CAN NOT sell you anything but low-capacity rifles. You can walk out of the store with them and do as you please.

You need a LTC-A to do what you want to do and if you aren't 21 (IIRC) you can't get a LTC. Plus Fed Law requires ANY handgun purchaser (from FFL anywhere in US) to be 21.

Just trying to cover the bases.

You can always shoot your relatives guns in VT when you are up there, but the relative owns the guns.
Frankly, if you aren't a legal resident that you want to buy a handgun in, don't even think about it (unless of course, you want to transfer it to a dealer in your state of residence and there is no asnine "banned gun list" etc.)

Now America's favorite felon, G. Gordon Liddy, as previously discussed in this forum, used to own a lot of guns and did a lot of shooting. As a convicted felon he can no longer posesses firearms (that right can no longer be restored by legal action apparently) but Mrs. Liddy is said to have an extensive gun collection. Perhaps the same could be said of your relative in Vermont.

Remember too, that you must be 21 to legally own a handgun anywhere in the US (Uncle Sam can issue you one, though if you are in the armed forces)

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