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Aug 17, 2005
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USMA-82 said:
The only negative about these bags is the fact that they aren't lockable - there's a dual zipper which is nice, but no way to lock it. This would tend to make some folks think they can just throw a trigger lock on the gun inside the gun rug, and all is fine - but it's not. You still need to transport in a "locked container", even if it is a fabric case that can be locked. Of course, if you transport in a "locked trunk", you should be all set (maybe).

I've seen several people show up at the range with trigger-locked firearms on the back seat inside a unlocked gun case, thinking they're good to go. Not true - unless I'm not reading the regs correctly.

I'd like a clarification on this as well.
Storage is NOT equal to Transportation in the eyes of MGLs!

Storage - locked = trigger, action, case that is somehow locked.

Transportation - Moving it in a vehicle. MGLs REQUIRE all handguns and hi-cap pistols (that aren't under "direct control of a licensee" = on the person) to be IN A LOCKED TRUNK OR A LOCKED CASE, OUT OF REACH OF ANY OCCUPANTS OF THE VEHICLE (if possible - exception for vehicles with no trunk). Trigger/action locks do NOT MEET THE LAW FOR TRANSPORTATION. Can result in felony charges.

NOTE: Transportation of low-cap rifles legally allows them to be unlocked out of reach of the driver. BUT, as soon as you stop the car, "storage" comes into play (see above).

The morons who wrote these laws had no clue what kind of a confusing mess they created, NOR DO THEY CARE! There is a lot of Major Yossarian in the State House!
The way that law is written, for Class A licenses, it doesn't mention what to do with an unloaded handgun in vehicle. It only specifies what should be done with a high capacity rifle or shotgun.

Not that I'd want to argue with a police officer or a judge about it...
how does it work for a pickup truck?

My truck has a locking cap over the bed, but #1 the lock sucks
#2: the bed of my truck is where I keep my fish-killin gear, so it's pretty disgusting.


-Weer'd Beard

Locked case, stuffed behind the seatback. That is the solution when a locked trunk isn't possible/practical. This is legally accepted practice to meet the law.
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