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Question for anyone with any advice (for newbie)

Sep 30, 2006
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First off Id like to thank you guys for a great site. Very professional and also very informative. I am new to this (posting and also getting a LTC)

If I knew someone who was trying to get an LTC for the first time (living in MA) What advice should they get. Their situation is this. They served and were honorably discharged from the Army after ETSing active duty. They did however test positive (once) for marijana and were as a result enrolled into an army (in my opinion educational) ADAPC (alchol and drug abuse program) (track 1 the lowest level) . This consisted of a once a week hour long group chat session that lasted a month or so. Again, full honerable discharge over 10 years ago. I appologise if I am being longwinded but I am trying to avoid any confusion.
Here is the sticking point.
All applications seem to ask "have you ever been enrolled in a rehab program" or something like that.
If he answers no (and they consider ADAPC a "rehab program") and not just an educational class than it would be bad.
I have been told that the background check would not find this. Im not confident in that. I am assuming it will.
I have been told that "enrolled in a rehab program" is for "inpatient" things where you live there not an hour once a week chats. How should this person fill out the application? Is the army ADAPC "enrolled in rehab"? Is that what they are asking about?

Anything at all you could do would help. Suggestions, info, even bashing I dont care as long as I get more information.

Thanks again and I appreciate all comments. Take care God Bless.
This is just my opinion, and I am not a lawyer. Maybe one of the lawyers on this board will answer later.

To the best of my knowledge, the form asks if you have been "committed" to a mental health facility. This means a NON voluntary committment, in house. It doesn't sound to me that what happened in the military does this, or would disqualify you from a permit.

They also ask if you have been ADDICTED to marijuana or any other drug. The answer better be no.

Hopefully a lawyer will confirm what I say or set me straight. I don't intend to mislead you or give bad advice. I just saw your post and no one had answered, so I thought I'd give an opinion to ponder.

BTW, welcome to the forum.
Exact wording of question 9 on the application:

9. Are you or have you ever been under treatment for or confinement for drug addiction or habitual drunkenness?
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