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Put accurizing kit in my Ruger Mark IV

Terry Schultz

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Apr 1, 2019
North Tonawanda, NY
I took my Ruger Mark IV to the range yesterday after installing the Volquartsen accurizing kit. I used the Utube video as a guide and it took me about 1:30 to finish installation (I had several interruptions). The kit went in without to much trouble and the trigger feels worlds better. I did butcher the safety lever screw because the screw was so tight that I stripped the allen head socket of the screw. I had to cut a straight slot in the head so I could use an impact driver to loosen and remove the screw. That was really the only problem I had installing the kit and I should be able to get a replacement screw from Ruger. All things considered I think that it was worth the trouble. I love the new trigger pull being at 2.5 lb and my group got a little better. I hope once I get use to the new trigger I will be able to improve my group even more.


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Jul 2, 2011
taking a ruger sr1911 to a good smith for just basic accurizing will cost more than the gun. i consider the basics adding/fitting a match barrel & bushing, tightening the slide to the frame, and installing a good trigger with an overtravel stop (of course with a trigger job). if that's what you want and are going to keep the pistol...fine. but you want to sell it a couple of years down the road, no one will even consider paying what you have into it cause it's a ruger.
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