Project Appleseed Event @Pioneer Sportsmen, Dunbarton, NH October 1st & 2nd (BIG NEWS, read post 3)


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Mar 28, 2010
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Project Appleseed is back at it again, yep only two weeks removed from this past weekend. Dunbarton is hosting another event within two weeks on the first weekend in October.

Pioneer allows us to shoot out to 100m, so come on out and stretch your legs, on day two.

Appleseeds looks back to that fateful day on April 19th, 1775. Appleseed instructors tell the story of what happened that day, and how great men made a lasting effect on the world. How their sacrifices and desire for liberty would form a new nation the world had never seen before. Appleseed takes us back and recounts the events of that day and how marksmanship played a role in overcoming the strongest military force in the world had ever known.

Appleseed is a great instructional event that examines our history and teaches the skills of what those brave men were, Riflemen. It's an exciting two days of skills training and history. You will learn how to shoot and the history of how we got here.

If you're a seasoned marksman come on out and earn your Rifleman patch. Better yet come on out and start the process to become an instructor. NH is looking to expand to new locations, add on new instructors, and build out the number of events they hold each year.

If you're new to rifle marksmanship or shooting at all, then what better place to start learning, than at an Appleseed event. The teaching focuses on safety and traditional rifle skills from standing, sitting/kneeling, and prone positions. The instructors review topics such as Natural Point of Aim, Six Steps to Firing the Shot, learning to shoot from a sling, Steady Hold Factors, Target Detection, Environmental factors, Scope and sight adjustments, and much much more.

It's a very very safe weekend of shooting, comradery, and history. If it's just you, they would be happy to have you, but it's not uncommon to see whole families and friends show up for a great day together. This past event in June, there was a new shooter on the line. He was 16 years old, 17 soon I believe, and had never handled a rifle before this week. He took to it like fish to water. Cleared the Red Coat target on the first day with a perfect score and earned his Rifleman patch on the second day! He brought an open mind, and willingness to learn and be coached, and it paid off.

If you have any questions visit Project Appleseed for more information. You can sign up at this Link, or feel free to PM me or post in the thread.

A great blog on what a Rifleman is is here.

Hope to see you there.
@EddieA, I really hope you are who I think you are, It was great meeting you today. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, it was a pleasure sharing the line with you!!!!!!

I can't decide if it was a beautiful weekend or I just had to much fun to care that the weather was cold and cloudy. Both days started out cold, not cold enough for a Winterseed, and overcast. I guess we can thank Ian for that. But luckly only a few drops of rain, and both days would clear up in the afternoon to bring out the sun. I of course froze my &ss off camping throw the night, but hey it was worth it.

I wanted to let everyone know, that this weekend was an OUTSTANDING event. We had a lot of new Applseeders on the line, and a few returning shooters looking for more trigger time and history. There were some big going on that happened over the past two days.

@EddieA actually earned his Riflemen patch today, Did a great job, and he showed up already having some great knowledge and skills. He really soaked in the instruction and made it as a Riflemen. Again it was great sharing the line with you and Congratulations once more.

We had several shooters, long-time Applseeders, show up and make some waves. We had one returning shooter, who has scored Riflemen before, went home with not one but two Riflemen scores. The first was yesterday, Semi-auto with a scope. His second, today, was using a bolt action with Iron Sights.

For myself, I've been chasing the Distinguished patch for a while now. Yesterday I was able to score 230 with Iron Sights and finally earned that patch. I was really excited. Now it's time for Distinguished with Optics.

Of course, the big news was that a long-timer Applseeder walked away with a PERFECT 250. In his first shoot of the day, today, he scored a 249. He wasn't satisfied, so during his 2nd shoot, he dropped the hammer and joined the elite ranks of Appleseeders with a 250 score. Unbelievable. I don't know for sure, some of the other instructors are going to look into it, but it might be the very first 250 in New England. I know there have been some out in NY, but it might be the first for NH, MA, CT, ME, RI, and VT. I'll post a follow-up when it's confirmed.

There are two more shoots this month in NH, I'll post updates to those events shortly, so I hope to see some more NESers out on the line with me.
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