April 20th & 21st, Pelham, NH. Project Appleseed "Patriots Day Shoot: "We are descended from Dangerous Men" (AAR Posted)


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As part of our Patriots Day celebrations, Project Appleseed releases commemorative shirts for April events. Last year, we began a five-year series of collectible shirts and patches with the theme, "We are descended from Dangerous Men."

The word dangerous might sound scary, but it's been said that "only dangerous men can truly be good." Good men are dangerous men who choose to live with that danger under voluntary control. A harmless man, someone who isn't dangerous, doesn't have that choice. It's the choice that defines a man or woman as good.

I would like to share with you the story of a dangerous woman named Prudence Cummings Wright. She was a wife and mother of six. In April of 1775, she would prove herself a patriot, leader, and hero.

1710282247421.png 1710282255050.png

Come on out and hear her story. We have plenty more to share. @Daddy Mac, will we be seeing you for the follow up this year?

Appleseeds looks back to that fateful day on April 19th, 1775. Appleseed instructors tell the story of what happened that day, and how great men made a lasting effect on the world. How their sacrifices and desire for liberty would form a new nation the world had never seen before. Appleseed takes us back and recounts the events of that day and how marksmanship played a role in overcoming the strongest military force the world had ever known.

Appleseed is a great instructional event that examines our history and teaches the skills of what those brave men were, Riflemen. It's an exciting two days of skills training and history. You will learn how to shoot and the history of how we got here.

If you're a seasoned marksman come on out and earn your Rifleman patch. Better yet come on out and start the process to become an instructor. NH is looking to expand to new locations, add on new instructors, and build out the number of events they hold each year.

If you're new to rifle marksmanship or shooting at all, then what better place to start learning, than at an Appleseed event! The teaching focuses on safety and traditional rifle skills from standing, sitting/kneeling, and prone positions. The instructors review topics such as Natural Point of Aim, Six Steps to Firing the Shot, learning to shoot from a sling, Steady Hold Factors, Target Detection, Environmental factors, Scope and sight adjustments, and much much more.

It's a very very safe weekend of shooting, comradery, and history. If it's just you, they would be happy to have you, but it's not uncommon to see whole families and friends show up for a great day together.

If you have any questions visit Project Appleseed for more information. You can sign up at this Link, or feel free to PM me or post in the thread.

A great blog on what a Rifleman is is here.

Hope to see you there.

View: https://youtu.be/TH_JRjJtNSw?si=TqbgY0G3nEblKqRs

Please forgive me, I know he's playing a British character, but he's just so damn funny. Dangerous women? I'll be there, just bought my ticket. After last years Noah's Ark shoot, I'm coming ready for anything. As you know the weather is breaking and I'll start practicing, I want that patch! Thanks for the reminder and I'll see you on the line.

View: https://youtu.be/TH_JRjJtNSw?si=TqbgY0G3nEblKqRs

Please forgive me, I know he's playing a British character, but he's just so damn funny. Dangerous women? I'll be there, just bought my ticket. After last years Noah's Ark shoot, I'm coming ready for anything. As you know the weather is breaking and I'll start practicing, I want that patch! Thanks for the reminder and I'll see you on the line.

Sounds GREAT! looking forward to having you on the line again. April Shoots are always a great time!
Attention all! The Candia event at the Garnet School has concluded, and our gaze now shifts towards our upcoming event in Pelham. Don't miss out on a journey through history, heritage, and tales of formidable figures. Join us to refine your marksmanship skills and put yourself to the test.

Let's not forget, we're commemorating another anniversary of a pivotal moment in global history. A nationwide memorial volley will pay tribute to those who perished on April 19th, 1775.

Furthermore, we'll be honoring the remarkable Prudence Cummings Wright. Delve into her inspiring narrative and discover her impact on the events of that fateful yet transformative day in our shared heritage.

I hope to see many of you on the line!
Considering your terms for involvement seems a bit hypocritical but maybe I'm confusing y'all with a different group.
Somewhere in the sign up form was a statement to the effect that I would agree not attempt rebellion against the government.
Yes? No?
Somewhere in the sign up form was a statement to the effect that I would agree not attempt rebellion against the government.
Yes? No?

I genuinely appreciate your perspective and understand your point of view and it’s a valid criticism in my opinion. So that others are aware, this is the exact text used. Link to page

By checking this box, I certify all students I register are not affiliated with any group that promotes, supports, or encourages taking up arms against the citizens or government of the United States of America or any other form of armed insurrection.

As I’m sure you are already aware Project Appleseed’s mission is to share the rich history and heritage of our nation's founding while teaching the fundamentals of marksmanship. Our goal is to educate and inspire individuals by recounting the events and individuals that shaped April 19, 1775, a pivotal moment in world history.

Regarding the checkbox on the signup page, I understand its sensitive nature. It was a decision made that Project Appleseed events remain focused on education and historical appreciation, devoid of any affiliations or agendas that may detract from our core mission. The intention behind this checkbox is to maintain a neutral environment where people from all backgrounds can come together to learn marksmanship and commemorate our shared history.

It is one of our tenets that we remain welcoming to all individuals, regardless of their political affiliations or beliefs. Our mission is rooted in the idea of being "friend to all, enemy to none,". By steering clear of modern political debates and controversies, we aim to reach as broad an audience as possible with our message.

As for myself, I have a passion for firearm sports. I'm not involved in nearly as much as I would like to be. I had to take a break from PRS22, and the 3-Gun matches I was getting involved with, but Appleseed I enjoy extensively for many reasons. The fact is I get to meet a lot of new people who I get to help introduce them to the sport, America's First Sport. I also have the benefit of sharing the story of a pivotal time in our founding and how firearms ownership shaped that story.

Again, I can completely understand your thoughts on the matter, and I respect them. Not looking to change your mind, just giving you my perspective on the matter.

With that said, if you would like to continue this discussion we can create a new thread, so as not to tie up a thread meant for discussion of an upcoming event.
🍎🔥 Only one week left until our Patriots Day celebration kicks off with Project Appleseed! 🎉

Join us for a thrilling journey into history as we honor the bravery and sacrifice of our forefathers and foremothers. This year, we're commemorating the indomitable spirit of Prudence Cummings Wright, a true patriot and hero. 💪 Hear her incredible story and discover the legacy of those who fought for liberty on April 19th, 1775.

But that's not all! 🎯 Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a complete beginner, there's something for everyone at Appleseed. Learn essential rifle skills, delve into our nation's rich history, and forge new friendships in a safe and welcoming environment.

Plus, for those eager to take their passion to the next level, we're offering opportunities to become instructors and help spread the Appleseed mission far and wide. 🌟

Don't miss out on this unforgettable weekend of camaraderie, learning, and marksmanship. Sign up now and secure your spot! 🎯🍏
How is time divided up per day ? Range time vs discussion?
Saturday is dedicated to instruction and history, with a focus on learning until approximately noon, when we break for lunch after firing about 20-30 rounds. Following lunch, we switch between instructional points and drills, gradually intensifying the shooting pace to around 100-150 rounds, which typically includes completing two AQTs (Appleseed Qualification Tests).

On Sunday, while still incorporating some instruction, the pace accelerates significantly, mainly alternating between AQTs and drills. We pause for extensive instruction only during the review of the known distance topic. Expect approximately 250 rounds, potentially exceeding 300.

The actual number of rounds fired depends on various factors. I've participated in events where we exceeded 600 rounds over two days, necessitating additional rounds from fellow shooters due to smooth, uninterrupted progress. However, on an average weekend, we typically fire around 350-400 rounds. It's generally recommended to bring 500 rounds of reliable ammunition.
Sorry, should have asked before, approx how long is each day ?
No worries.

Each event is different, but the last few we asked for everyone to arrive between 730 and 745 am. We do some admin work, allow you time to setup most of your gear, firearms stay in the car until after the safety briefing. Once everyone arrives we get the day started.

The day ends between 430 and 5pm.
**Patriots Day Appleseed 2024 Summary**

Five eager participants joined us for NH's 2024 Patriots Day Appleseed event, braving the unpredictable New England spring weather—rain, sunshine, gusty winds, and varying temperatures. Thankfully, we avoided a repeat of the Great April Washout of 2023!

We set up our equipment under canopies, waterproofed the target stands, and kicked off with an introduction that included the First Strike, retelling the start of Patriots Day in 1775. We also posed the Four Questions to engage everyone's thinking.

After our safety briefing, we brought rifles to the line, discussing ammunition issues, range commands, and conducting equipment checks. The Redcoat target got its initial 13 rounds—one for each of the 13 colonies. We took the group score and predicted improvement on the final round later in the day.

Instruction occupied our morning and early afternoon. Topics covered included eye dominance, proper use of slings, prone position stability, the six steps to firing a shot, Natural Point of Aim, and much more. We held multiple demonstrations, including one on correct trigger control, with plenty of practice time. We emphasized the value of dry firing to build proficiency.

During lunch, we shared the Second Strike story, then moved on to more shooting instruction. This included practicing sitting/kneeling positions, the standing stance, smooth transitions, and magazine changes. We eventually started the Army Qualification Test (AQT), heard the Third Strike, and continued with more AQTs.

At 4 PM, we joined the Memorial Volley, an annual tradition where we honor the 43 patriots who sacrificed their lives for our independence at Lexington, Concord, and along Battle Road. Shooters across the country, from Maine to Hawaii, fired in unison, making this the largest coordinated volley in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records—a powerful and emotional moment for everyone involved.

After a short break, we shot another AQT and concluded the day with an evening Redcoat target. As anticipated, the scores significantly improved from the morning. Throughout the day, we also shared stories of Dangerous Old Men, highlighting the ordinary folks who did extraordinary things on that day in 1775.

Sunday's weather was much more cooperative. We started with another safety brief, then focused on more AQTs interspersed with various shooting drills. During lunch, we discussed Known Distance, learning how to apply our skills from 25 meters to the Rifleman's Quarter Mile (500 yards). We headed to the 100/200m range to witness gravity's effects on bullet trajectory and practiced compensation techniques.

Returning to the original 25-meter range, we completed a few more AQTs and ended with our last Redcoat target. The results were fantastic, with two new Riflemen and one new Orange Hat! Huzzah!

Congratulations to Jim, our first-time Rifleman, and to Brent1775 for earning his Orange Hat. We also had six instructors requalify, demonstrating that learning never stops.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us and made this event successful. Your safety, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn were invaluable. We can't wait to see you again—remember, a Rifleman persists!

See you at the next Appleseed event!
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