Precision Rifle competition - Midrange F-Class in central Texas

Mar 14, 2021
Central TX (escaped from Metrowest)!
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I'm well aware that this is out of the way for most, but NES members are scattered across the country. For those who may be interested, the Central Texas Silueta Association (CTSA) range in New Braunfels, TX (between Austin and San Antonio in central TX) hosts an F-Class midrange rifle competition on the first Saturday of every month. These are open to the public, and anyone can shoot the match. Competitor categories include .223 Rem or .308 Win rifles shot prone from a bipod and rear bag (F-T/R category), or Open category which is any cartridge up to 35 caliber shot prone from any front rest and rear bag. Sling shooters are welcome, and we also have an F-Bench category for shooters who are unable to shoot prone. We are using the ShotMarker electronic target system, so pit duty is not required in these matches. Muzzle brakes and suppressors are generally not permitted, but we are pretty open (at the Match Director's discretion) to new shooters just using what they have to try out a match!

Targets are the NRA MR-65F (for F-Class shooters), or the MR-65 (for sling shooters), both at 500 yards. Course of fire is three 20-shot strings for score with unlimited sighters in the first string, and 2 sighters in each of the second and third strings of the match (75 rounds is generally enough for a full match with sighters). Match results are the result of the combined three strings for a total of 60 rounds for record (maximum 600 points possible). We start first thing in the morning, and are usually done before noon.

Come on out and give it a try. You'll see everything from factory rifles through full custom rigs. It's good fun, and we work pretty hard to keep it from being elitist and exclusionary. If you're worried about not having $10 worth of gear, just know that nobody here cares. It's actually pretty fun when a shooter lays down a clean match with a .223 Rem and beats everyone else shooting the latest "sexy" round. We may even be able to find a loaner rifle for you if traveling with your firearm is a challenge (grin).

If you live in TX or may be traveling to the area at the beginning of any month, we'd love to have you join us. Let me know if you have questions or need directions.
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