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Oct 4, 2005
Plymouth MA
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I bought this Thursday at Zero Hour Arms (great shop btw). Great condition and very evil. This is my first AK. Any suggestions for slings and bayonets?
A friend of mine just picked up one with standard stock from Zero Hour today at the Big E. As fas as I can tell there isn't a bayonet lug.
No expertise here, but two suggestions.

Take a look at this webpage (and cruise any other pages that might be pertinent):
It shows the bayonet affixed and it looks like some sort of clip hanging down from gun attaches to the bayonet.

Ask the guys at ZHA next week. They are very knowledgeable about that stuff.
ZHA is largely a "one of a kind" type place for the odd items or difficult to get guns, so you can only hope and pray that a piece like this becomes available again there. It would be very unusual for them to have two of those at the same time, but it never hurts to ask them.
Bloodhound, this was the only one that they had in the shop. I think those guys can find anything if given a little time. If you are looking for anything preban I would check with them. They had a NIB IMI Galil that was just stunning. I wish I had the cash for that... This one was $1100.
It a little hard to see but the peice of metal that holds the cleanimg rod in and looks like a sharp point hanging down from the front sight base is the bayonet lug and you need the early style to fit. I could only find this pic, its the top one and the rear part of the bayonet slides over the gas block and the front slides over the muzzle and a catch grabs hold of the lug to lock it on.
If you need a better pics let me know.
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