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Police responding to reported shooting at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston


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May 27, 2017
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Don’t worry.

Markey wants to ban armed security in churches.

Don’t worry.

Markey wants to ban armed security in churches.

Had there not been armed security, the nut job would have never gone in. The fact that there were guns present is what attracts them. That's why most criminals attack police stations and US military armories. ;)
She came to get a refund on her ticket to heaven, got a direct flight to hell.

lol, remember when Joel wouldn't let people into the church during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey? And then again after the cold snap shut down the grid? One of the times was because the carpets had just been cleaned.

How easy does blood clean out of carpets?
So…..yet another mentally deranged lgbtqrs+- domestic terrorist at it again.

My shocked face 😑

Of course msm and the left would never acknowledge the fact these shootings are from the left. Instead it will be some speeches about “gun violence”, “gun safety”, “trans lives matter” bullspit.
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This just re-enforces that the race and ethnicity questions are worthless.

I am looking at above and wondering why an El Salvadorian is NON HISPANIC.
Brah, it's a dude! Race and ethnicity are meaningless if we cannot even agree that a dude is a dude regardless of how they want to dress.
I am hearing in the comments section of Fox News (about as bad a cesspool as Reddit) that (s)he had "Free Palestine" written on the rifle. Any confirmation?

Police in Houston, Texas have identified the shooter who opened fire at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church on Sunday as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, Fox News has confirmed.

Moreno, who has a lengthy criminal record and was born as a man – Jeffrey Escalante – from El Salvador, was killed after off-duty police officers at the church responded to the incident.

A search warrant said Moreno pointed an AR-15 at the officers who then fired upon her and killed her in self-defense.

The message "Free Palestine" also was written on the rifle used in the attack, investigators said.
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