PA non resident conceal permit


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Aug 12, 2009
North of Boston
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I am down in PA visiting family and had to renew my non resident permit. They sent me the renewal forms about a month ago in the mail. I walked in the county courthouse and handed my renewal form, got my photo taken, gave the $20 for the 5 year permit and was out the door with new permit in hand in 10 minutes. The Sheriff even sold me a couple of raffle tickets for a Henry rifle. Great bunch of people there and I was treated like a human and not like a criminal like back home in Mass. This was in Jefferson County. There is no reason why this couldn’t be like this in Mass but we all know the reason why.
PA other than having to pick it up in person is very easy to deal with. I went to Adams county as it was alphabetically first though it’s down by Gettysburg. Worth the trip.
There are closer places to MA, they are posted in the other thread (can't find the link now), with references from members that got their LTC a month ago.
Day Trip

Just picked my permit up today in York. Took 5 minutes.. They are super nice. I had to fly into BWI this morning to see a friend of mine. Rented a car and drove 1 hour north to Amish country. Great day. Back on the JetBlue flight to Boston right now…. Worked out perfect…
I had mine when it was mail in. When they changed it that you had to appear in PA, I let it go. I don't think I've been to PA since and doubt I ever will be there again. I let my Utah, Maine and NH go too. I'm getting old and have no desire or plans to leave New England. I have all my eggs in Coös County. I sure hope NH doesn't go the way of Mass.
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