P365 FCU - Titanium Nitride vs regular black Nitride


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May 12, 2013
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Is there any practical and real life difference between the P365 FCU in the golden titanium nitride finish vs regular black nitride? Any durability differences, corrosion resistance or anything else?
Keeping in mind that I'm no metallurgist, the only difference I've noticed on AR BCGs is that the gold TiN looks dirtier faster than the black nitride. It's not actually dirtier, just shows it faster.
As far as I can tell, all the moving parts are the same between the two, save for the trigger shoe. There could be an argument to make about the titanium nitride providing a slightly better lubricity over the stock finish, but I don't think that's any type of make/break for this FCU. The frame itself doesn't really need it, nor is it even seen when installed. So I'd simplify this as "do you want a flat faced gold trigger"?

The part that would most commonly corrode or break on this is the trigger springs, and those are the same between the two.
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