Not a show: Auction on Sep. 24, 2005 Manchester, NH

A friend of mine goes to every one they have. He comes out of there with some really nice old babies. (He's in to really old percussion and WWII pieces). Some prices have been a touch high, but he's walked out of there with a number of steals.
firtree said:
Also, how do they handle transactions from MA residents? I'm
guessing with an LTC Class A I can at least take rifles or shotguns home the same day.


Read their T&Cs on the website.

Do the NICS and paperwork and take your long guns home with you.

Handguns won't fly for MA residents, unless they are C&R and you possess a C&R FFL or if they are antiques.

Be aware that they charge a 15% premium IN ADDITION to the amount that you bid. Bid accordingly!
jason runs a good auction

I go to this auction quite a bit.
Jason Devine and his wife run it, and it moves along pretty good.
they have a catalog available with pictures, description and estimate price range available.

you can get some really good deals from it, and (if your like me) you'll also watch with your jaw hitting the floor at some of the prices they get for the rare or exotic pieces. I've also had Jason sell some of my guns for me that I've replaced with other things. I've been pleased with the money he's gotten for me on them. basically somewhere in between what I would have gotten bringing it to a dealer and what I would have gotten private sale, but they do all the paperwork.

his father JD Devine also runs monthly auctions in Manchester.
his web site is

firtree said:
Don't hold back! Let's hear about some of these deals!
Maybe its worth a trip up north. (But at these gas prices ...)


Some of the things he's gotten have been SKS's, Mausers, a couple Japanese rifles, and I think he picked up a Mosin for something like $60, but it needed some work. He's gotten some REALLY cool old percussion double barrels that are absolutely gorgeous. They scroll work and carvings on those old ones are really nice. He has picked up a few hand guns, but he's a NH resident, so he's been able to do that. :(
8 hours of butt busting sitting down, but was it ever worth it to me.

Had a great time.

Picked up some pocket pistols (Really into those right now). The "dealers" were buying up the hunting rifles... No surprise there.

One pistol sold for $75,000.00

The money that flowed through there was simply amazing.


Picked up:

- North American Arms .22 LR mini revolver with conceal and carry grip.
- Titan .25
- Baretta .32 Tomcat
- American Derringer .44 Spl.

I assumed these would be used... but nope... brand new in the box items. Only the Titan was fairly used, but shot extremely well.

I must get the catalog before hand. I got one the day of, but by the time a gun came up, I read about it, and it registered that I WANTED it, the gun was already sold.

Talk about a kid in a candy shop.

Looks like the next one is *gasp* November 19th.. my Birthday... well.. gee wiz. Looks like someone will need to buy himself a present.

Yes, long day. From start to actually finish, we're talking 8 hours. Be prepared.

All in all, one fine day!
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