Non resident LTC timeline

Apr 19, 2014
Cape Cod
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I mailed my application on12/22/22.
Had my in person interview on 5/29/23 and was told my LTC would be mailed in 2 weeks
After waiting 2 months I called on 8/30/23 and was told they were backed up and it should be mailed soon
So its has been over 8 months since submitting my application and more than 90 days since my interview.
Thought some other people might want to know the time for a non-resident permit
Figured I'd give an update on my ongoing experience. Renewal sent in 8/1X/2023. According to the hotline, it was accepted 8/2X/2023. Just called and they said 90 days processing time and to expect it early December. Money order was cashed about a month and a half ago.
My recent renewal experience (with the in-person interview):

Latest update on my LTC status. It is now over 5 months since my interviewing almost 11 months since submitting my application. I called about about 10 days ago and was told the person who did the interview was backed up. Said he would call her and have it taken care of by the end of the week. And I also understand the Easter Bunny will deliver it to me. Just more BS from Mass
My understanding is that those nonresident licenses are only valid for a year. If it is taking this long, and they have affectively borrowed you from carrying. Essentially, you are up for renewal now, correct?

I am moving out of this shithole soon. I will not be getting a nonresident license to carry because I will never set foot in Massachusetts again. I don’t care what happens to anyone in the family. I am not coming back once I get to Tennessee.
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