Nashua police say man made gun with 3-D printed parts

The crimes in bold.

"A man from Nashua is under arrest after investigators said they found a gun with 3-D printed parts in his apartment. Investigators said they searched his apartment after he shot a projectile from a different type of weapon into someone's apartment in the city.

Police said this was the first time they had ever seen a gun with 3-D printed parts in Nashua. Alan Grogg, 34, is accused of shooting a projectile from his backyard on Lake Street into an apartment on Brook Street. A resident found that it had gone through their window and into their bedroom. Grogg told police he was doing target practice in his backyard with an air rifle, and the shot ricocheted.

When Grogg spoke to investigators, he admitted to having shot the air rifle but also to owning an AR-15-style rifle with parts that he had made himself with a 3-D printer, police said.
When investigators searched his home, they found that gun, police said.

Grogg is facing several charges, including reckless conduct with a deadly weapon and being a felon in possession with a deadly weapon.

"It's very concerning for us, because 3-D printers are very accessible," said Nashua Sgt. John Cinelli. "You can buy them at your local Staples, and then somebody can take them home, and if they're savvy enough, they can make their own guns for them."

Police said they don't believe anyone was targeted, and there's no threat to the public.
Oh, you mean the guy who can't legally possess a firearm, is going to suddenly start following a new law.
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