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Apr 29, 2005
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Just got this out of layaway at a local store. It's a roughly 1967 Ruger Standard Model. Came with the original box and manual as shown. Took it to the range late this afternoon and tried it. Shot about a 2" 9-shot group offhand at 30" with Federal bulkpack ammo. Shoots about 1-2" to the left but almost dead-on on elevation. I tend to like older firearms with the original packaging.

FPrice, NICE FIREARM!!! Shoot safely and accurately with it and have lots of fun. I own the exact same gun in a 1961 vintage. Still have the original manual and box also. Just curious, how much did it set you back, not that I'd part with mine as it was a gift from my uncle...

It was $236.25 out the door. Frankly I was a bit surprised that it was this low with the box and manual.
FPrice said:
It was $236.25 out the door. Frankly I was a bit surprised that it was this low with the box and manual.

The Ruger Target Model is a shooter not a collectible. They simply made too many of them to have collector value. Nice firearms, though. IIRC they are a b!tch to disassemble and clean. Have fun with it.

SiameseRat said:
gawjus- they are a pain in the arse to dis/assemble but my Mark III is super accurate. I love it.

I remember. [crying]

But I took this apart last night since it's new (to me) and I wanted to see how the insides were. Needed only a very little bit of cleaning then started to re-assemble. Took about 5 minutes of trying and re-trying, taking it back apart when the hammer strut went the wrong way when all of a sudden everything fell into place and it worked! Amazing! [smile]
Took this out earlier in the week to test some different brands of ammo. Shot all groups at 30', standing, two-hand hold. Held a six o'clock hold on the red. Federal bulk pack and CCI Mini Mags were the best. With the Federal I put 8 rounds into about .75" with a ninth (flier) opening this to about 1". The CCI put 9 rounds into a 1" group with the tenth opening this to about 1.25". Federal bulk pack seems to work very well for me in a variety of .22's. The more I shoot this little gem the more I like it.

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