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My best friend in the Marines


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Feb 25, 2005
Monadnock area, NH
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I just stumbled across this yesterday trying to look up my best friend in the Marines. His name is Bill Rosborough from Moline, IL. He took my under his wing when I got to my permanent duty station. We also did some time together in the Tijuana county jail on a rough weekend in Mexico. He is a top notch Marine, but most importantly he is a great friend who will always have your back no matter what the circumstances are.

He received the Purple heart and a Bronze Star last year while serving in Baghdad. I sent him an email to get the story on this rough day he had in Baghdad.


I'm just happy he made it out alive. [wink]
And make sure to tell him we wish him well, and send our thanks for his service.

A good natured ribbing about ducking wouldn't hurt, either. Only if there's no permanent damage, of course.
I've gotten a couple of emails from him. He got into a pretty good car accident so he's been recovering from that.

No details on the bomb incident yet.
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