Meghan McCain takes Maddow to the NRA Convention.

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Jun 9, 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
Meghan McCain does not understand the 2nd amendment. Not only is it for self protection, it is the right that allows us to have weapons that will put us on similar ground as a standing army.

Her entire view is based around Dick Cheney.
She's a useful idiot, which is the only reason Maddow took her up on the offer to go to the NRA Convention. My favorite comment was "I'm for banning high capacity magazines, and I don't understand why more NRA members don't feel the same." That and the whole semi assault rifle crap she was spouting.

Seems to me these people have a very antiquated view of gun ownership and gun owners in general. They seem to think most gun owners are hunters who go out a few times a year with their 30-06 or shotgun and fire a few rounds at deer and other wildife. They're also under the impression that people who own "assault" weapons and high cap pistols are some kind of nutty fringe group, shunned by less vocal, mainstream gun owners. What they don't realize is that we ARE the mainstream now and have been for some time. The number of hunters is on the decline, the number of black rifle owners is through the roof. 22% of all rifles sold in 2008 were AR-15's.
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