Liberty Ordinance Supply - Norwood


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Jan 16, 2016
Central MA
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100 Access Rd Ste 215, Norwood MA 02062
I didn't see a thread for LOS, so I made one. Apologies up front if it's a dupe.

I don't live anywhere near this place, but they had an item worth traveling for so I made the trip. I'm really glad I did.

Staff: Very friendly. Excellent communication about the item I was looking for. They seem to be younger guys and they have a good handle on things.

Location: While it was over an hour away from me, it was extremely easy to find. Right off of Rt. 1.

Shop: They had a good selection of preban goodies. AKs, mags of all kinds, lowers, etc. What I was most impressed with was their selection of preban AKs. They even had a Zastava .308. They also offer some really nice AK furniture in varying colors and styles. Don't quote me, but I think they could make furniture to your liking. They had some in the display case that were unique and really nice.

In summation, it's a hidden gem. The people there are great, prices seem fair, they have preban galore, and it's easy to find. Personally, I'm NH bound, but if I lived closer to Boston, this would definitely be my go-to shop.
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Picked up a nice little toy at Liberty today. Nice place, and Great service..
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