Laser pistol training

I used a laser ammo cartridge for a while.
it worked great in a DA/SA Sig P226, because I could practice on double action and didnt have to rack the slide and reset the striker every shot.
It sucked because the gun had to be disassembled and the batteries removed every session.

I try to train 15 minutes a day, so I ended up getting a dedicated laser training pistol, which I use much more.
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For targets I just use the reflective 4x4 ones that came with the laser ammo kit.
i tuck them into light switch covers. Misses are a little red dot, hits are a bright reflective splash of red light.
I mostly do my dryfire training while moving. I figure if I can hit these little squares from across the room while moving, hitting paper targets at the range while standing still is easy.
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Why did you have to disassemble the P226? My laser cart. just needs a pencil eraser or so
to push it out w/o disassembly
There is an rod like attachment that hangs out the end of the barrel to keep the cartridge in place. Its long enough that the barrel has to be removed from the slide to remove the cartridge. I would leave the who thing together except the battery drains down in a couple of days just by being in the cartridge.
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You can see it in the pic in the amazon listing.
The end cap that the firing pin hits will wear out after a couple of thousand rounds and needs to be replaced.
Went and bought an I Target Pro.

Drop in laser bullet that is specific to caliber. You can order different calibers if you want to shoot different pistols.

There is a default bullseye app that works pretty well. The quick draw can be purchased for another ~5ish dollars.

It has helped me with muscle memory and break point on my trigger. It has tightened my groups.

You can get 10% off if you put Dan into the code block. Advertised on Dan Bongino show.

I target
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