I'd like to make a purchase on the For Sale Section

Jan 25, 2023
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I currently reside in FL and I stumbled across an active for sale listing of a Streamlight M4 light for a S&W Sigma via Google of all things.

I created an account here so I can contact the seller, Kisspik002, to inform him that I am interested in purchasing the light. ButnI can't since I don't have an account history here

I understand, that as a newly registered account here. There are restrictions placed on it.

How can I contact the seller?

Here is the active for sale thread.

Sorry, I don't mean in any way to cause an issue. As I said, I stumbled on this via Google while looking for the light. Yeah, who wants an outdated Streamlight for a S&W Sigma?

Me, strangely! But I have a reason why.... it is for a article I'm working on about the Sigma series and Streamlight M4 lights are not easy to find after all these years.

Again, not looking to cause a fuss, but I'd really like to buy that light.

If you’re the Miami jbt from arfcom you’ve got quite the collection iirc! I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts. Cheers
I was thinking that his username was familiar to me as well. @Miami_JBT personally I have done business with members here who had zero history and everything went well. Most people do not seem to post feedback after a deal either here or on ARfcom. I trust my gut from any conversation with a potential seller or buyer, just like I did on the job. I've seldom been disappointed. Good luck on your purchase.
Were you able to send him a private message?

I sold a CZ on here to someone from Florida who joined after doing a google search that led them to my ad.
Someone from Montana signed up to buy a stock from me on here a while ago and it went smooth. Found us via the google search and it was an east transaction.
if you sold him the stock I think it was a west transaction. assuming you're from the northeast that is.
Light came in...

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