Hornady LNL progressive gripes

Dec 16, 2005
Cape Cod, MA
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I haven't loaded anything since fall so I went down into the dungeon to load up some 45 acp on my Hornady LNL progressive. For some reason the thing is just not working smoothly. I clean and relube the ram and pawls and find I need to adjust the pawl height as the shell plate is not indexing correctly and I'm half squashing primers. I set it and it's ok for awhile then back to squashing primers. I again mess with the pawl height and I must of put the left one up a bit high because on my next stroke the little bastard snaps off. an hour and a half of screwing around with it and now it's out of commision yet again. I was only able to load up 38 rounds. WTF? I spent some coin on this pig and it hasn't been 100% since I set it up last year. Always seems like I have to dick around with it to get it to work. Much of the problems I've had have been timing related and primer related so perhaps those are just weak points of the machine.

Anyone else using one of these? I liked the auto indexing and the lesser cost of caliber changes compared to a dillon but now I'm starting to have second thoughts. maybe I'll dump it and get a 550 or and RCBS?

Either way I'm SOL until I can call Hornady for this miserable little part I need.

I have heard a couple of reports about your press from others. The same issues were reported.

Not that it helps, but at least you're not alone.

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