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Happy as a kitty cat

Apr 1, 2005
Newton, New Hampshire
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My H&K USP Compact 40 is coming in any day now. My Fist #9 Close Cropped Basic belt holster arrived yesterday that was molded for that baby. Had to order a new Galco gun belt too. Lost 35 lbs. between surgery and cancer treatment. Take awhile to put back on. Does anyone know why, at 57 years old, I still get as excited as a little kid on Christmas when I get another pistol? I've been told all us gun owners do.

means yer healty!

and you have an enjoyable Hobby. Be fortunate, there are many people on this world (of every age) that take little enjoyment in life.

-Weer'd Beard
"He who dies with the most toys - WINS"

Congrats on upping the ante on the Toy Count!

My mom and my wife have agreed that I'm still about 12 years old in my heart which might account for the giddy feeling when getting a new toy.

Why else would I get a wireless weather station and spend the rest of Christmas day debating where to put the sensor to get the best reading, but still be able to quickly access it for battery changes?

And for the record, it's 55.9 degrees, 80% humidity, and presssure is currently at 29.29 and holding steady. Have to wait for spring to rig the anamometer and rain guage. (^_^)

I've heard about a January thaw before, but this is crazy. We don't even have a frost in the ground this year.

On the other hand, if we had to have a warm winter this was a good one as we have the heat up a little higher than normal for the baby and I'd hate to see what our oil bill would be if it was a 'normal' winter.

Then again, a warmer winter might mean an early spring - and there is this motor scooter I put a deposit on.

On the other hand, I can't get an HK in this state, so I'll just sit here and be a jelous child at your good fortune and kick myself again for passing up on that HK SOCOM pistol.... (^_^)
I get giddy and excited for every gun I purchase, whether it be new, pre-owned, easy to get, or hard to find....

"I don't wanna grow up, I'm a (fill in favorite gun shop) kid...there's a millions guns at (gun shop) that I can play with!"

I myself recently picked up an HK USPc 40 in Stainless and LOVE IT!!! Best of luck with it.

P.S...How much did the holster run you and where'd you get it?
Glad to know......

I'm not alone. The holster is from Fist, www.fist-inc.com Ran about $55.00, with shipping around $62.00. They have a gun list on their website of virtually every gun you can think of. They make every style of holster they sell in about 10 different colors for every gun listed. The quality for the price is incredible. Every holster is individually molded for your gun. On top of all this, I got the pistol wholesale through my F&G club that has an FFL. Retail is $800.00-$900.00. I got it for $615.00. :D

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