H.R. 5005 and H.R. 5092

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Mar 21, 2005
Just a heads up, stopthenra.com(brady bunch) is emailing people to cantact Reps to vote against these two bills. If you haven't already, take a look at the bills that have been proposed.



NRA-ILA is urging people to contact their Representatives to support these bills.

This is the email from stoptheNRA.com that was just forwarded to me:
(it always pays to keep tabs on the enemy [smile] )
We must be doing something right! Within weeks of launching our Campaign Against Illegal Guns the gun lobby has responded by trying to get quick action in Congress on proposals that would protect corrupt gun dealers by weakening law enforcement.

Email Your Rep 5005/5092Unbelievable. At a time when America is coming together to stop the flow of illegal guns into our communities, the NRA is leading the effort to protect the very dealers who supply the illegal gun market. We need more power to stop these criminals, not less.

The NRA-backed bills are H.R. 5005 and H.R. 5092: two bills that would weaken the enforcement power of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). We must email our U.S. Representatives and make sure that they know how strongly we oppose these anti-law enforcement efforts.

H.R. 5005 would weaken ATF's enforcement power by limiting the data available to law enforcement about the gun dealers with the worst records of supplying the illegal market. But there are also many other harmful provisions in the bill, including eliminating the current requirement that gun dealers report multiple handgun sales to law enforcement officials. Recently, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg came to Washington to testify against H.R. 5005. The Mayor urged Congress to reject "a bill that coddles criminals and endangers police officers and citizens not only in New York City but across this country."

The gun lobby is also pushing H.R. 5092, a bill that would undermine ATF's ability to put corrupt gun dealers out of business. Dealers such as Trader Sports of San Leandro, California -- where the ATF found an astonishing 7,477 firearms "missing" with no record of sale -- and Valley Gun of Baltimore -- which has more than 1,000 violations of federal law -- could keep on doing business with no threat of having their federal licenses revoked if H.R. 5092 became law.

Don't let the NRA push through these dangerous bills -- the gun lobby is trying to get them through the House Judiciary Committee in the next few weeks, when Congress returns from recess. We need your emails now!
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May 5, 2005
Vermont, a Free State
The existence of those 2 bills is Prima Facie evidence of malfeasance by the BATFE in the past.

I suggest a Class Action Lawsuit against the Brady Bunch for Treason and Loss of Civil Rights. They are bigots of the worst kind, by the NAACP will never admit it.


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Mar 21, 2006
I like how the brady bunch LIES and basically says that these laws
will prevent the ATF from putting the hammer down on FFLs... and we all
know that that is certainly a crock. Any FFL with bad recordkeeping will
still be subject to punishment.

Getting rid of the multiple handgun thing is good.... that will eliminate some
fishing expeditions by the ATF. (Lets think about this... can you think of
a WEAKER form of probable cause to investigate someone than "Oh you
bought three of these at once!" ?

Oh, and heaven forbid, the ATF has to have a -real
investigation- before they can go digging. I believe that standard has
always been there more or less, but this just reinforces it. It just makes
it so that you have to do something more than "merely exist" to be
investigated. (eg a real crime has to be committed, not just "oh we
think hes GOING to commit a crime with that" ). What the ATF was doing
at the gunshows was basically like going into a car dealer as a police
officer and auditing people that were buying cars, because you thought
they were going to drive them while being intoxicated, because they were
wearing a budweiser hat on the dealership's property.

unfortunately we have the WRONG ag sitting in the chair at the moment. Gonzales is an anti... so
of course he's going to grant them latitude. This would have been a lot better going in under
Ashcroft... for as much as a fruitcake as he was, he generally appeared to support us.

The only disturbing thing here is they only added an OIG investigation
thread here..... how much you want to bet that the ATF "calms it down" for
a year or two and then goes back to their old tricks after awhile? Without
any sort of -permanent- oversight (or long term, at least) how can we be
assured theyre just not going to put a tarp over the issue and then remove
it when the "police police" leave? IMO anything less than a few BATFE
types losing their jobs is unsatisfactory. At a minimum the richmond wanker
who was threatening people should have lost his job.

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