Gun Confiscation in NYC

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Mar 1, 2005
Northern Connecticut
And this is how it will start.

"Sir, sorry about the door. Sir, we sent you a letter last week. Didn't you get it? No? Well that's not our problem. Where is your rifle, sir. No sir, don't get it but just tell us where it is. One of our agents here will collect it for you for us. Do we need to be concerned about anything else we'll find? Any other unregistered firearms? Sir, I would suggest you call your lawyer when you are down at our prescinct. You should have representation. No sir, you can't call your employer at this time. We will contact them for you. No sir, your life will never be the same after all this you can be sure of that. We will lock up after we leave. "

And that, friends, will be the story of a lot of people's lives. One at a time they will pick the low hanging fruit and we will allow this to go on because we, unlike these poor jerks, did respond properly and filled out all the forms properly and had them notarized properly and have "our papers" ready to present at all times. We're good little boys and girls, not like those ignorant gun owners who didn't think they needed to follow the rules.

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