Oct 10, 2005
southern ma
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i am looking to see how many people i can get to shoot a gssf match
and aslo if i can get a few people to help run it.yhe match would not be till the spring but i would like to run one in holbrook if glock will agree.
i have to put an estimate on how many people will show up.
and i need some people to help run it.
just throwing it out there.
Anyone can bring a handgun into MA for a match with NO LTC. Can't CCW it, treat it like FOPA-86 requires and have docs with you that prove you are going to a match and you are "good to go".

That's the law! I can't help with folks that are antsy about stepping into this turd called MA! :(

you dont need a bunch a mags to do these kinds of shoots
check out the web site for the rules its nothing like
an ipsc or idpa shoot they are kind of laid back the people that
i ran into at the last one in vt were very nice and acually loned my girlfriend a gun to shoot in the match if you need mags they would lone 1-2 to you to use you realy only need 2 mags
Well, I may consider it in the future, since I do have 2 10 round mags. I've got a couple of pre-ban hi-caps somewhere, but I don't remember where. The other hi-caps I have are all post ban.

I would be interested in shooting, but not really much good as an SO or RO, since I am still bit too green (match-wise) for running a match.

Keep me informed.
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