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Glock Hi cap mags

Jun 6, 2006
Wakefield, MA
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I am not sure if this is the proper Thread for this topic......... I have a line on some Glock Hi cap mags and wanted to know if anyone wanted to go in on some or even one I can get all different kinds???
If you plan on having them in MA, you better be sure they are Pre Ban...I'm not a Glock guy, but I'm not too sure they had 30rd Pre Ban mags? Anyone wanna clarify that?
I am not sure if they are but they do not have any markings on them, or so the gut says. I will know if he is telling the truth soon, I bought a 70 round drum for my ak and 8 Hi Cap mags so far and I should have them tomorrow or Thursday.
Markings are IRRELEVANT wrt MA ban on hi-cap mags. Felony to possess any in MA made after 9/13/94, regardless of markings or not.
Most/all parts for Glocks have P/Ns on them. Many are different revs and dates of release are known to some.

Regrettably, it is OUR responsibility to know, and the dealer isn't likely to get nailed if he/she is wrong . . . we are.

Glock is very difficult, but suffice it to say that most of what I and some others see out there, sold as pre-ban, are almost certainly NOT pre-ban.
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