WTS Gibson Les Paul Custom 1967-71 for sale

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Dec 20, 2012
Guitar is pretty clean for being 40+ years old. Its been played and has some things done that aren't stock. I'm not a guitar guy in the least. This one has been my possession since 2004.
I'm not positive on the year but the serial number dates it around 1969 when you use the online "date code" reader. I spent an hour on the phone with Gibson and they say its 67-71. Apparently they struggle to decipher their own numbers.

The serial # 114321 and the made in USA is stamped.

Guitar is in Taunton

Looking for $2500 or best offer....Willing to trade for a high end AR,Bolt gun. Try me.

I also have a American Fender Stratocaster from 2000 (corona) Black w/Steel pick guard

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