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G26 or G27?

Jul 28, 2005
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I'm mostly a Sig guy but I'm seriously considering a Glock. Since the compact 26/27/33s are the only Glocks that I like the feel of I want one. Now I can't afford the Sig obsession that I have... so I want to pick the right one.

Here's my deal. I like the cheapness of the 9mm round and the lack of significant recoil... however one of my favorite guns is my 229 .40 (which is a completely different size of course). I also love my 239 9mm.

I CC my 239 now and am not worried too much about my "lack of stopping power"... not sure about CC the Glock although it's a distinct possiblility. I'm mostly looking for a fun gun... but I'd rather not try the G33 if I can't hit the target. :) Any advice or comments would be appreciated.
I have carried a G26 for much of this winter. It carries well and is very easy to shoot. I have not been able to try a G27, but a couple people I know who have them say that they are not much harder to shoot.

The nice thing about both of these is the ability to use G19/23 magazines if you also have the larger guns. I have a G19 which allows me to have this option. I would recommend that you try to find a friend who has one or the other and try one first. It might turn you off or it might convince you that you really do need one of these small Glocks.

I am just sorry that I waited so long.
Here's what I did. Before buying I shot both the 26 and 27 at the range. The 26 does have slightly less recoid, but I was surprised that the 27 recoil wasn't bad at all with this smalles of the glocks. So I decided to have the best of both worlds. You can teasily reconfigure the 27 shoot 9mm, but not the other way around as the 26 can't realiably handle the increased pressure from the 40 SW.

So I bought the 27 and then for another $150 or so bought a 9mm conversion barrel, extractor, magazine, and ejector. It is incredibly easy to strip the glock and convert back and forth and by swapping ALL the critical parts you have 2 reiable guns for the price of 1 (+ $150). Takes about 10 minutes.

I only carry it in the 40 SW configuration to be sure of absolute highest reliability since this is the original factory configuration and also gives me the advantage of 40 SW stopping power. But so far I haven't had any hang ups in the fully swapped out 9mm configuration.

So that's a thought...
I used to carry a Colt Commander for years, but picked up a G27 a few years ago and have been carrying it most of the time since. (My son grabbed the Commander, and I only have full-size 1911's, at least right now.) The smaller size makes it an easy carry, and I find the .40 S&W pretty gentle. I couldn't find enough magazines for my CZ-75 in time, so I used the G27 for John Peterson's course at Riverside and put roughly 900 rounds through it over the weekend without any problems. My only complaint is that I have to make sure that I install the grip extenders on all my magazines, otherwise I can't get a really firm grip.

Thanks for the advice guys. This morning I put a deposit on the 9mm. I really enjoy that lower priced 9mm ammo which was a bigger factor. I can get boxes of 50 for just under $6. Then again...if I really like it and want a .40.... [roll]
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