Free LTC?


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Feb 13, 2009
Made it to NH!
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So I moved to NH 7 months ago, My Mass LTC expires in 2026. This October I turn 70 so if I apply for a Non-Res in Mass is it free like it is for residents?
I had also heard from someone that had a Mass LTC, moved to NH, (not 70) called about an appointment and after talking with the guy on the phone he basically said you are looking for a renewal as opposed to the start from scratch for a non-res because he already had a Mass LTC so he skips the interview and all that. Still had to pay the $100.
What say the NES brain trust?
No freebies for those of us that escaped MA. It's $100/yr no matter how old we are. And plan on it taking 4-6 months each year. Expiration on NR LTCs are the date it is issued and subsequently a year after that date each time.
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