Couple of pictures of my K-31

Jan 3, 2007
In the back of the truck
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I bought this K-31 a few months back but hadn't taken any pictures yet. I've put about 100 rounds through it and I absolutely LOVE IT. There's another with a beech wood stock in Plymouth that's calling my name, but I've already got something on lay-away, haha.

Anyway, I took these real quick on my first break from work today:



Working from home has it's perks. [smile]

Needs a good cleaning and then I'll take some more time to get some better shots.

Thanks for looking. [cheers]
Looks like a very nice piece, interesting design. Having the name of someone that it was previously issued to makes collecting military surplus firearms more interesting I think.
Bayonets seem to be pretty hard to come by. The couple I've seen for sale were in the $100 range. Which is 2/3 of what I paid for my rifle back in 2006. I bought a sling and muzzle cover from one of distributors on line. I forget which one, but they aren't hard to come by.
I bought one about two years ago and forgot about it, and finally shot it on Friday. It's the most accurate milsurp I've ever shot.
If its surplus accuracy you seek, I have got to introduce you folks to the world of mint Finn M39s. Just ask Steve.[smile]

Hey buddy you know me and Mosin's which include my beloved Finns but my Swiss rifles sure are hard to beat......lets say variety is the spice of life....

Nice will enjoy to locate a good source of ammo.[sad]
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