Comm2A files second Carry Suit, Batty v. Albertelli

See this (written from a Progressive point-of-view, btw) about the Trumpster's Judicial appointments capability:

Every single thing that is wrong with the left right can be summarized in this statement (the identity politics of the left):

"To President Obama’s credit, he did a significant amount of work to make sure that the bench was diversified demographically as with professional experience… Of those 54 nominees that were pending, a significant majority would have broken barriers to some extent, whether they were a public defender, the first Asian-Pacific American, for example, in the Texas District Courts… the first African-American woman to serve on the Third Circuit, you would have had even possibly the first Muslim to serve on the federal courts as well.

It doesn't matter if the person is capable of being a fair jurist, all that matters is diversity and damn the constitution.
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