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May 16, 2011
West of Boston
OCTOBER 12 & 13, 2019, KEENE NH

Instructor: Brian A. Sayers
Weather: Saturday & Sunday: Sunny/Cloudy mornings 40’s afternoon 50’s
Location: Cheshire County Shooting Sports Education Foundation
Class Size: 4 (+1 on Sunday)

I arrived at the Cheshire County Shooting range (my second home) about 40 about 45 minutes before we to be there. I was met with two former alumni, the instructor Brian and a new student from NY. We said our hellos, gave bro handshakes and even a hug or two was exchanged. It was good seeing them again. We all met the new student named Jake and shot the shit while we got our gear out while Brian was setting up targets and moving barrels on the range. This was the second time taking this class and the third time I have ever used my AR15 (Virgin +3). My thoughts were that I would really get the material now that I have a base of familiarity with a long-gun, know the drills, and I could absorb more the correct techniques of gun manipulation.

As we were setting up, Brain came around and asked us if we wanted or needed to borrow any gear for the class. We all came from restricted Commie states (MASS, RI and NY) Brain handed 5 each standard capacity Pmags for our rifles. Some students were trying out different holsters, mag carriers from Brian’s incredibly large inventory of gear he has in his truck finding out what works and what they like.

We started off with introductions and what we wanted to get out of these two days of rifle training. For me I wanted to get more proficient in my handling of the rifle and getting the techniques correct so when I practiced it at home, I was practicing the correct way.

We had our safety briefing and medical briefing on what to do if there was a training accident, Brian’s truck was backed in off to the side of where we were shooting and the local hospital was programmed into the GPS in case we needed to do a medical evacuation. . We identified medical personal and exactly what would happen if we had a medical incident, who was going to do what and exactly how things were going to be done.

Brain went over the fundamentals of marksmanship, how to hold our rifles and the proper use of slings. He showed us how to engage and disengage AR and AK safeties and when they went on safe and when they came off safe. We practiced that.

We were shown the proper sequence of loading and reloading, MOVING OFF THE X making sure the magazine was seated correctly and why it may not be. INSERT, TAP, TUG, CHARGE every time for the rest of our lives…

Refreshed the Wyatt protocol, F.A.S.T. (Fight, Assess, Scan, Top-off) and how to correctly draw our pistols. We set up in front of our dot targets at about 7 yards to learn about sight/muzzle offset. We shot the dots and varied our aim point noticing the impact points and how to get hits where we wanted them from the close range we were at. We practiced transitioning to our pistols, proactive reload for our rifles, why and when it made sense to do them.

We did the offside shooting (partial) where we keep the gun in our dominant hand and used our non-dominant shoulder and eye to shoot the evil do’er. I was much better this time around. I had practiced it at home so I would not have to have my eye pro taped like last time. (It was super embarrassing) The full offside shooting was a breeze compared to partial we just had done. I was making accurate deadly fire. I was happy!

We broke for lunch and Brian sat with us answering questions and giving us interesting stories and insight into his knowledge base of 23 years of attending training. The day was warming up so we had a chance to change out of some of our warm bulky clothes into some lighter clothing. I remember sitting there looking into the woods at all the trees changing color and thinking about what beautiful place this range is. The NH woods is so awesome in the autumn season, it had been a few years since I had been up here in the leave lookers time of year. I took a minute to really appreciate the space and time I was in at this moment of my life, I was shooting rifles with super cool people, the sun had peaked out, the temperature had risen to a comfortable level and really enjoying the moment. Life is messy, this moment of my life was perfect….

After lunch, we learned how to shoot from lying on our backs, seated, kneeling and getting to our feet. DAMN, it was fun! We drilled that for a while, then practicing moving and shooting forward, backward, to our left and to our right. Every time after each iteration was completed we used the Wyatt protocol finishing the drill looking for the next bad guy that needed to be shot. We were shown where to aim at a bad guy to make them stop. If we were not straight in front of the target, we were shown where to hit them from every angle we were shooting from to ensure maximum effect.

Brian demonstrated how to keep moving while we were shooting with obstacles reloading along the way. He would always tell us to KEEP MOVING! It's more important not to get shot than shooting the bad guy. Keep your head and eyes up. You don’t need to look at your gun to fix it. Looking at your gun never fixed anything! TAP, TUG, RACK, if that does not work insert a fresh magazine! DO IT NOW! Remember why you are here! There are evil people wanting to do evil shit to you. MOVE! As I write this the next day I can still hear his words in my head!

We practiced one by one moving around barrels keeping our shots in the heart of the bad guy even at the long angles from the far corners of our barrels. We then practiced moving in and out of the barrels in a figure-eight pattern both forward and in walking backward while keeping the rifle shots accurate and deadly. Day one was over, the sun was getting ready to set and the sky colors were amazing….

Day two started off with our safety and medical briefings. Again going over the details in case there was a training accident and how we were going to handle one if it happens. We broke up into teams of two. We learned how to safely work with a partner, how to go back to back and each covering 180 degrees of space. We first did the drills solo and then when we had the movements down we added our partner to the drill. We shot as a team, around cover, standing, kneeling and in the fetal position. We moved as a team from cover to cover and we communicated as a team from close distances as well as far away distances. We were practicing proactive reloads when our partner was doing the shooting.

Our final drill of the day was a 10-minute team drill with a very large berm of earth between the teams. We had barrels to simulate cover and a steel target was placed about 100-ish yards away. We fired at the steel from behind cover while our partner watched our six. If the shooter ran his mag out or had a malfunction we moved on the ground counterclockwise one hundred and eighty degrees and the other person would start shooting until his mag ran dry. We had to yell to the other team on the other side of the berm that we wanted to move to the next piece of cover and wait until they yelled back the permission. We moved forward five barrels (barrels simulating pieces of cover) one barrel at a time and then back five barrels communicating with both our partner and the other team. We worked well as two groups shooting at a common bad guy and once the drill was called over, we had to communicate with our local partner on who had the most ammo in the gun and where we were going to move as a pair to get the heck out of the danger zone and to the closest safe area we could find. IT WAS AWESOME! Shout-out to my partner Jimmy….knuckle bump!

We cleaned up, had our final debrief told the class one thing we learned for the day. As normal Brian told us if we did not think the class was worth the cost of the class he would refund our money immediately. No one spoke up everyone was more than satisfied with the ratio of money to the knowledge that was transferred in the two-day class!

If you get the opportunity to take a class from 3R Operations/Brian A Sayer your life will be changed for the better and you’ll have the time of your life. He is one of the nicest, kindest, knowledgeable instructors you’ll ever meet.


Instructor Brian A. Sayers
Phone: (518) 929-4818
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: 3roperations
YouTube: Shoot Videos

From the last drill a view from the steel target downrange.

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