Class 3 / NFA dealers in Mass? anywhere?

Jul 5, 2007
Western MA
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Does anyone know of any class 3 NFA dealers in Ma that do transfers for residents with Green cards (MG licenses)?

I have one in my area and he works with me from time to time but he does not have many NFA weapons on hand these days. Just like to browse....

thanks guys.....
There aren't that many pre-86 MGs left to begin with, because so many are in private collections and aren't coming out any time soon.
There are pretty much the same number of registered MGs as there were back in 86, and they seem to circulate at a rate not that much different from other firearms. It's just that the lower numbers and higher prices due to the artificially inelastic supply mean that most of us don't pay much attention to the market. I'm certain there some dealers out there, but don't know them off-hand.

Auto Distributors ( I think that is the name) in Agawam has a bunch or NFA stuff. He sets up at the Big E show all the time. He usally has a wall full of fun stuff. I believe AAA Gun in West Springfield can transfer Class 3 Stuff.

that was the guy I was thinking about. Yes... thanks a bunch...

I have seen him at the Big E before.

there are still PLENTY of legal / transferable pre 86 MGs available out there. I see them all over the place on out of state (not MA) websites. Tons of them. Problem is they go for BIG, BIG money. Thousands and thousands of bucks. But thats the market for them today. I was lucky to snag my Ruger AC-556 for 3 grand a few months back. Only reason I got so lucky is because I bought it from a friend. Just waiting for the transfer to go through. Should have it by end of Sept. or Oct if I am lucky. But I was looking for some in state NFA dealers too. Like I said my dealer does the transfers but he does not have a lot of stuff on his shelves.

thanks for the update..
There aren't that many pre-86 MGs left to begin with, because so many are in private collections and aren't coming out any time soon.

There are tons of Pre-86 MG's availiable....

All you need is the requisite amount of cash (eg, lots of
it) and you can get nearly anything you want, if you have a green
card and are willing to go through the hassle and expense.

Ateamrob.... you might also want to check out the NFA boards
on, might be worth asking there... might turn up
a few other smaller dealers, etc.

Zero Hour Arms/AutoBurst is located in W. Bridgewater physically (on a map) but is serviced by the EASTON (not Eastham) USPO. Good people and a paid dealer on NES.

Other options:

Dan Menzone. I think he's located in Charlton, MA. He's a FT PO and a NFA Dealer/Mfr. [email protected] should reach him. I have bought a handgun from him back when he and his Wife did the gun shows. Good people.

Adam of Infinite Arms is a NES paid dealer and NFA Dealer located in Manchester, NH.

Manchester Firing Line is also in Manchester, NH.

Frank's Gun Shop run by Frank Ferrante out of Weare, NH is a virtual "museum" of NFA armaments.

The three NH guys can probably get you whatever your wallet can afford and have it transferred to one of the MA NFA dealers noted above.

Happy Hunting!
thanks for all your help guys..

I appreciate it.

I see my wife is getting pissed at me right now.. [rofl][rofl][rofl][rofl]

she thinks I am going to buy more NFA stuff...[rofl][rofl]

I will just tell her I am buying an M-60 belt fed weapon next. That should do the trick....

There are enough Class 3 dealers in the area to keep you in debt like the rest of us! Auto Sport Distributors in Agawam also has Taugwank, Inc. working with him. What Walt may not have, Ron either might or can get. They work the same tables at the Big E. If your wife ever sees what an NFA M60 is bringing these days, she'll be more than pissed![rofl]
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