Cases of 768 round Garand Bandoliers of 1953 US .30-06 for $650

Within an ammo discussion, why in the world would you mention CMP? There is no outright CMP ban on shipping anything but 1911's to MA, and that is a completely separate issue that affects any and all vendors for hand guns not 'AG approved'. Besides, the 1911's are long gone excepting a few that pop up in CMP auctions. Absolutely nothing to do with ammo.

It should also be noted that it is NOT the CMP who is prohibiting the 1911 sales to MA. It was a condition the Army imposed on them. The folks at CMP told me this directly when I was talking to them about it one day. So everyone calling and emailing lumping hate on them (and yes that is happening) needs to direct it to the Army.
Now they have M1 Carbine Ammo.

Well M1 carbine clips are running $3 each
Thats $360 right there plus a few bucks for the bandos? What another $100
$460? Brings it right down to 50 cents rd
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