Can this day get any better?

Aug 28, 2005
My house and gun shop in NH
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First of all I got a call from Vector Arms and they said that my RPD that I ordered last week was ready to ship and should be here next week. Then I went to the gun store that I spend to much time in and they ask me how much money I have because my form 4 came in today for the Cobray Street Sweeper (new in the box unfired) that I sent in , in October. Then I come home and there is a post card from the town police and my machine gun lic renewale is in ( it only took 3 week for them to do it), so I get to go pick that up tommorow. I must have done the gun dance just the right way and pleased the gun gods, because they are showering me with guns and stuff today. The only bad part is that I won't be able to shoot them for a few weeks because I'm going to be busy. I guess I will just have to sit in my room and fondle them untill I can go out and fire them.
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